Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Evelyn Ward/Deptford Save our tress demands Community Activist & People before Profit candidate Yvonne Lles

Dear Kevin Flaherty
Marine Warf development 
adjacent to De Carteret Way
What action is being taken by Lewisham Council 
 concerning the above mentioned construction works that are taking place 1 to 20 yards from the residents front doors? 
Please note that the residents from numbers 3- 54 De Carteret Way are requesting that Lewisham Council  immediately take the following remediation action;
Erection of screening at least 3 times taller than the existing, 
Damping or misting of building  waste rubble that is continually in movement, Compensation for dust nuisance and damage to property, cars, gardens and health ,
Continual noise disturbance that is  exacerbated by an echoing from the adjacent tall buildings.  

Thank You and a petition signed by the residents will follow this email .
 Mrs.Yvonne L Iles 
Member of Lewisham People Before Profit
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