Friday, 13 September 2013

Greenwich Ecology Park & Labour Party shameless abuse of Power

Signs of despair for Greenwich Peninsula Ecology Park

by Darryl

Peartree Way, 12 September 2013
Back in July, this website featured the baffling new phase of Greenwich Millennium Village, taking shape in front of Greenwich Yacht Club, but which will have an aggregates yard, a recycling depot and a travellers' camp as neighbours.
Its construction also led to the closure of part of the road to the yacht club, Peartree Way, and some signs being shifted around (as well as some signs being mis-spelled). The direction signs on the Thames Path were moved in June, presumably by Greenwich Millennium Village's contractors, and left pointing in the wrong direction.
It's now September, and both signposts still point in the wrong direction - including the one for Greenwich Peninsula Ecology Park, itself under threat from Greenwich Millennium Village's long-term plans for a 20-storey tower which would overshadow it, blocking out vital sunlight. Visitors are sent heading off towards Charlton - when they only need to walk a couple of hundred yards west instead.
The ecology park depends on support and visitors to survive - so a sign pointing in entirely the wrong direction isn't useful, to say the least. It's not as if Greenwich Council hasn't been told. I know myself - I first told a local councillor 12 weeks ago, and followed it up with an email nine weeks ago. Seven weeks ago, I had a reply saying arrangements were in place for the signs to be fixed.
Nothing has happened since. So since Greenwich Council clearly isn't bothered, the Greenwich Peninsula Ecology Park team have taken matters into their own hands...
Peartree Way, 12 September 2013
We'll return at Christmas to see if the council's done anything.
Incidentally, a public notice appeared in its weekly propaganda paper, Greenwich Time, about a month ago giving permission for the "temporary closure" of the end Peartree Way from 13 August (the same day the paper was dated) - even though the road had been fenced off since 24 June and later dug up.
Nothing's appeared on the street itself. That basically means Greenwich Millennium Village's developers had closed the road illegally - but no action appears to have been taken. A small issue in the big scheme of things, but it says volumes about how closely Greenwich Council keeps an eye on developers in its borough
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