Wednesday, 4 September 2013

GMB joins growing list of Unions giving up on new right wing Labour Party

I never thought in my life time, i would see the day when the Unions walked away from the Labour Party, whilst i have never supported Labour i have always respected its past history the struggles it has been part of, and the need for a political movement thast puts people, Community and the environment before profit, whilst Labour have increasingly turned to the right, i would argue that the last Blair Goverment was the most right wing in British Labour history, whilst the failings of Labour under Gordan Brown i thought would be impossible to top, although this Goverment is doing a grand job of stripping the country bare of its assets and robbing the poor and the low paid on a truly epic scale.
The Public statement by the GMB Union is not a statement to be ignored, at present the establishment and i mean the super rich and big business interests have bought and paid for in bucket loads the Tory and Labour Movement, a party that was founded to fight injustice and for equality and freedom has increasingly been run by a Leadership following the daily Mail and UKIP agenda than reingaging with the traditional grass roots voters and the working class, other groups have come forward to fill the Gap Tusc, Respect, and in Lewisham and Greenwich People before Profit has grown out of the vacum left by a Labour movement increasingly run by career politicians with no real interest in old fashioned tradional street politics, sadly this has been reflected in voter apathy and the huge numbers who just cannnot be bothered to take part in direct action or put themselfs forward as candidates for smaller political groups that do fight and challenge the privatisation and cuts agenda such as pbp . The decision for GMB members should be to ask, if the Labour Party no longer represents the poor or the Working class, what is its purpose? do we really need another Tory party?.
As voters we are all responsable for the crises we are in, we need to take greater care and thought into how and why we vote and when faced with such savage cuts and a truly terrible privatisation agenda we should as one change the way we vote, stop expecting others to fight our campaigns and take toour streets to reclaim our Country and to stand strong for our public services and NHS whilst we still have them. at present staying at home watching TV or attending a rally once a year will not do.

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