Thursday, 19 September 2013

New Cross & Deptford Local People Before Profit the only Opposition to Labour Lewisham Council

  Helen Mercer Ladywell People Before profit candidate for ladywell key player in save our Hospital campaign.
Ray Woolford, Helen Mercer, John hamilton People Before Profit Mayor Candidate 2014 with Nicola Walters Candidate for greenwich West 2014 and Local Hero Barbara Raymond one of our Candidates for New Cross ward 2014.
People before Profit are active in campaigns every week, if you have time to spare we are doing Bed Tax petition every week, always need help at our extremly busy food Bank, advice centre and shop on new cross road Deptford, and always need people to deliver newsletters, Carryout door to door petitions, or just to promise to vote for our Candidates, and put up a poster at election time and help at pollling stations.
2014 Will see with your support the first Uk people before profit Councillors elected, putting Local People,, Community and the environment first unlike Labour who only care about the interests of Developers and have allowed our streets to be packed with Betting shops and Pawn brokers. Lack of vision and abuse opf power why it is so important next time round. Labour has a real opposition in the Council chamber.
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