Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Lewisham Hospital , The Dirty Little secret Labour Party refuses to tell You ASeptember 2013

OK, we have won the court case against HUNT, he acted unlawfully , but is this the end?
People before Profit members have been key players in the campaign and we are all justly proud at what we have done and the success of our campaign
Had it not been for PB4P most Lewisham residents would have no idea about Labour PFI deals that lead to the closure plans at the start, and the impact on the area health trust going bust, but look more closely at the paper work and you will uncover a truly awful shock that Labour are seeking to keep quiet reguardless of the outcome of Hunts appeal.
Hidden in the paper work and not effected by the Courts is a plan opposed by People Before Profit to merge the successsful Lewisham Hospital with the huge PFI debts of Greenwich, the scale of these ongoing PFI debts will see the Sharks who built the Hospital for £210 Million charge us  through the NHS £29 Million a year in rent, at the end of the 30 year term. we as tax payers will have paid PFI sharks contract a staggering £2 billion, money that the NHS needs not money that should be paid to offshore bankers.
The PFI deal with Greenwich could lead to Lewisham Hospital going bust on the pile of debt it would get from this dirty little deal, And yet Labour are chosing to brush this under the table whilst expecting Lewisham Voters to sweep Labour into office in 2014/2015 on the Success they tell us from the save our Hospital campaign, and yet still Labour Party refuse to say that if they win in 2015, they would save Lewisham and oppose the Greenwich merger and the real concerns we should all have as voters.
Our Hospital must be saved, Secret deals by Labour and the Goverment to mislead Lewisham residents is a national disgrace and is all part of the establishment agenda Labour and Tory to privatise the NHS. People before Profit will be fighting Local elections and the General election to SAVE our Hospital and the NHS and to outlaw PFI deals.
Labour must not be allowed to privatise our hospital as a way of secureing political power it is wrong and Labour party  Shameful record will be held to account by People Before Profit.
Join and Vote People Before Profit;Sign our No 10 Petition calling for end to PFI deals.

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