Friday, 20 September 2013

Privatisation. NHS, Zero Hours, Bedroom Tax . What does it take to make you so angry that you will help others fight this injustice?

Ok, i do have a full time job, i am not effected by the bedroom tax, and do not need welfare or food banks, however does this mean i should just sit on my backside because i am ok, whilst people around me are having such a tough time?.
I run the Food bank, because i was angry at seeing my neighbours going through the dustbins looking for food whilst on the way to work, i joined People Before Profit because when ever i became aware of a community campaign from stopping privatisation, closure of youth and childrens provision, sell off by the Council of our homes, our Library facing closure these amaxing people were leading the fight back, so i have been an active member since.
Across the UK, people in small groups are doing stuff to help others, but they cannot do it all alone, in Lewisham alone over 3000 are effected by the Bedroom tax, and yet few if any join the weekly protestes or help with petitions, the food bank has over 1000 clients but we  may have to reduce its hours due to lack of people helping.
If you want to see change , you want to improve things, you want to change laws and policy, then you have to get active and you must change the way you vote.
If you do not help thous fighting today who will be around to help you when you need help?.
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