Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Labour Party Conference 2013. People Before Profit lead the campaign call to end PFI and save Lewisham Hospital

People Before Profit got up at crack of dawn Sunday to march on Labour party conference calling on leadership to Save our Hospital, and end PFI. sadly no other group was lobbying Labour conference so we covered both entrance areas with banners, a loud hailer and flyers.
Most grass roots labour activists agreed with us, and many wanted to buy the ever popular Lewisham People Before Profit Badges.
We were able to Give flyers to Tessa Jowell, Chuka, Andy Burnham , most Labour MPs kept well away from us, but would have found it impossible not to note our protest.
Later in the day, Diane Abbott MP and a shadow Health Minister was talking at a New Statesman Fringe meeting. Anne Schman, Clive, Jim, & Maureen joined Me in attending.
Hidding my badge i was able to speak at the packed meeting, calling for an end to PFI and the terrible problems this causes the NHS and that if we merge with debt ridden Greenwich, Lewisham hospital could risk going bust, as Daily Telegraph was in the packed room, she was not keen to speak out on this in fear of upsetting party leadership. i raised the issue of Atos lack of accountability and its impact on the disabled and vunerable, lastly i was able to say the reason i was in People Before Profit and not Labour party, and that Labour must move forward defending the poor and low paid to loud applause from the room.
As we set of home, People Before Profit as always left our mark, Made more Friends . It would have been great to see other campaigners, The fire fighters, The postal workers and more. Our battles must not just be taken to the Torys. Labour is also responsable for the crises we presently have, and we must ALL do what we can to campaign with one voice at Labour, Lib dems and the Conservatives.
Next week, we are at Manchester insuring as always that Lewisham and its people are at the very front of community activism and profile. you would not expect anything less from People Before Profit.
Its time to get Councillors elected at  next May local elections.
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