Thursday, 17 January 2013

Deptford High Street Its fall and decline. It could be so different

Ok, i love everything about Deptford, the long term residents who have fought for and supported it through good and these days bad times,  and the local traders many of which work every hour God sends with little reward for themselfs, with many telling you these days they work for the Landlords, the Council to pay Business rates, and the tax man.
So what can be done to stop the decline?.
 We have the most creative people on the planet living in Deptford, we have Goldsmiths and we have People Before Profit as the political alternative to the Labour party agenda of selling everything off cheap, charging excessive rents and putting development  before the long term interests of the area and the residents that call it home.
People before Profit are working on a long term plan to transform the area, we support the fantastic plans put forward by Deptford IS, and Julians plans to build the last great ship the  Lennox, we would also like to see a national artist competition to transform the buildings and the  look of the high street by securing european funding to do up shops and flats above.
We would like to see Deptford transforned   as successful as Borough market , this could be done by focusing on the huge diverse population offering food from China, Eritrea, South Africa, Nigeria and more, we would also like to see food stalls in which we can all try foods that we oftern see but never try, we also have a fantastic market selling a huge range of produce few people try and even viewer no how to cook, by setting up stalls and cookery open classes we could enrich our taste buds whilst giving a real boost to the local economy without needing to flood the street with more Tesco metros or big brands.
 People before profit would also push forward with the opening of the river and would offer a boat service to Deptford Bridge as a way of boosting the local economy.
 Others have surgested a bridge to link Greenwich with Deptford to build on the areas marine history, whilst other ideas are to set up areas for live music, poetry and street theatre, other plans would be to turn empty spaces and shops into drop in centres in which people can paint,  do pottery and do much more on their own, or as a family unit.
Deptford has huge potential, i hope you agree with these ideas and if you can ad, please post a comment or email me direct.
Deptford High Street,  a plan to boost our high street with be a key part of our election campaign in 2014 when People before Profit hope to win the Deptford and New Cross Council seats from Labour, who are rarely seen if ever in the area, with 2 local Labour Councilors regularly featured in the press for claiming thousands in expenses for attending 1 meeting every six months to insure they are still able to get the £10.000 less a few pounds in attendence allowances.
Needless to say Labour Councillors do attend the key meetings to close down or cut local services.
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