Friday, 4 January 2013

Lewisham Hospital Campaigners launch Banksey Campaign

If you travil around Lewisham today,
you are in for a very big surprise,
For lots and lots of cheeky Guys have painted hoardings, signs and banners to remind us all that our A& E and Maternity wing at Lewisham Hospital face the chop.
Next Big March is 26 January i will update my blog Tuesday after i have got more information from the People Before Profit meeting Monday 7.15 at the Broca Cafe Brockley.Every one welcome to sit in on the huge amount of community activism that is carried out by People Before profit members across London , from a Single person needing help to the save our Hospital and Housing Campaigns..I get exhausted just thinking about the scale of campaigning we need to do in 2013, which is terrible when you think Labour does not have to do a thing, as far to many residents in Lewisham Vote Labour without thought or reason. We have to work 24 Hours a day severn days a week,, in the hope in 2014, we will get Lewisham Voters to at last realise that voting Labour is no different to voting Tory, and that the Only real political alternative due to the vision and talent of its members is People before profit.

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