Monday, 14 January 2013

Joan Ruddock MP. Who is best Placed to win the seat?

Joan Ruddock, a once great local MP has stated she will be standing down as our MP at the next election in 2015.
Sadly the Labour party is no more a party of the people and Joan Ruddocks life time campaigning on Equality  has been traded for a Damehood and a seat in the House of Lords,  insureing years of princeple campaigning on equality flushed down the toilet as she has given up Deptford for the comfort of a seat in the House of Lords.
With People Before Profit constantly on her back from Convoy Wharf, betting Shops and the housing campaign and much more , the profile of People Before Profit in the save the Lewisham hospital campaign may have hit home that come the next election it was not a sure thing that Labour party would win.
These days only the foolish and stupid vote Labour.
Expect after the next round of local elections to see candidate from People Before Profit selected, they may be a joint People Before Profit/ Socialist  Alliance  depending on outcome in 2014.
 could even be a Save the Hospital, Save our NHS candidate, as long as People Before Profit are part, they could secure first MP in the UK.
If you live in Deptford /New Cross you would be aware that the only people pushing flyers through your letter box, and leading local Campaigns are People Before Profit so clearly  best placed to win, the best choice we Mays GLA elections, People before profit came a Clear second to Labour in Deptford.
Barbara Raymond has been a community activist in Deptford since the 1950s, she is one of the most amazing people you are ever likely to meet and inspires hundreds and standing with Me on the Schools Campaign we came second at the elections before last before people Before Profit was Founded. With 12 years of hard work in Deptford and New Cross and will a new Labour Candidate with no personal vote, this seat will be Historic if People Can pull this off.
Ireland has just Elected its first 2 People Before Profit MPs and a dozen local Councillors first time round. With the public fed up to the back Teeth with Labour and Conservative , and with no fear of a split leading to a Tory win, this could be People Before Profits first seat and the start of a real political alternative across the UK.
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