Monday, 28 January 2013

Lewisham Hospital Demo photo selection/Labour Party role in this mess.

What a truly wonderful day, the site of 25,000 local Lewisham residents marching together as one to save our local Hospital.
I personally gave out 2000 Song sheets which had been produced on the back of the people Before Profit flyers giving people easy to follow background to PFI.
Whilst Labour is seeking to gain votes out of the Hospital Campaign,Every residents must ask Labour the Following questions as this mess is a direct result of PFI policy opposed by Labour in opposition, but rushed through once they won the election.

Why will Labour not apologise for the PFI contracts which have lead to this crises with many more to follow.

Why have none of the 3 Labour MPs supported the all party early day motion at Westminster for PFI deals to be ended.

Why will the Local Labour party not put forward a party motion in support of the Hospital, something they have done for our Fire Station.

Why will the Labour Party not state publicly that if they win the General Election in 2015 as expected and if they were in Goverment TODAY, that they would reject these closure plans?

The Labour Party is using the Save our Hospital Campaign to mislead the voters into thinking a Labour Goverment would save the Hospital, when there actions make it clear, that Labour would close the Hospital and would carry on with the PFI contracts which are set to see more Hospital and Schools go bust.
In Lewisham People Before Profit are the only alternative to Cuts and Closure , to Vote People Before Profit will not lead to a Tory Council, it would lead to a Nationwide Movement of People feeling strong and able to think about why and how they vote. Voting Labour in Lewisham  is Like voting Conservative light.., the Difference is that Torys are closing the NHS for ideology reasons, Labour because it lacks vision, ideas and an economic policy based around real people not Career politicians.
Make sure every one is aware that Labour Party is refusing to back the Hospital by not agreeing to state it would in Goverment scrap these proposals.This is the worst sort of politics.
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