Monday, 14 January 2013

New Cross Credit Union ; Could do better

Anyone seeking to Contact New Cross Credit Union by Phone may find it an impossible job.
 I have spent 10 days trying to call them so i can get information to give out to the huge numbers of people coming into our food bank, a working credit Union would be perfect for them, and yet the phone is picked up, and the mail box is full som you are unable to leave a message, access is further stopped by lack of an email contact.
Whilst Credit Unions should be the future for people on low incomes, they must up the game, this level of service is shameful and it never ceases to amaze me the poor level, of service the people most in need get, Be it From Lewisham council , Charities set up to help people with special needs and others.
As i almost daily are seeking help from someone to help one of the ever increasing clients that seek my help and are staggered by the expectation that if you are poor or in need this is acceptable.
 I will go in in person to the New Cross Credit Union in the Hope it is easier to make Contact.
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