Friday, 11 January 2013

Question Time from Lewisham. Hospital Demo hits the news

Last Nights Question time was still dominated by the Save Lewisham Campaign even though the BBC carefully vetted the seat allication to insure no local community activists could get in, in fear of the show being dominated by the Lewisham Hospital closure plans.
They may have stopped the regular band of ever increasing numbers of People before Profit activists and others, but the show was still very much about Lewisham hospital thanks to GPs calling panel members to brief them before arriving,  whilst well informed Save our Hospital and People before Profit members explained what has been going on as they entered, the result, getting coverage on last nights BBC news and both the Lib Dem Minister and the Conservative MP both being extremly angry at the closure proposals, and offering support, .whilst reminding the viewers that is was the Labour Party by introducing PFI contracts has lead to Health Trust Closures...both also stated they would be supporting the campaign and would Lobby Jeremy Hunt.
Sadly Jeremy Hunt is one of the worst sort of career politicians,
Most of us have not forgoton it was on his watch we lost all our Librarys.
Readers should also be  asking why the Labour  party is saying it supports Lewisham Hospital, but refuses to state that if they win in 2015 they would not except the Kershaw proposals,
 At present the Labour party has chosen to ignore the PFI contracts bringing  havic and closure  to public services and are using the hospital to win support but why will they not state publicly that if they were in Goverment TODAY they would kick out these plans and seek to scrap PFI contracts.
Thank goodness in Lewisham we have People Before Profit who will take thousands of Labour votes at next Elections if Labour fails to nationally say it will NOT close the Hospital.
Lewisham Voters will not vote for a Labour Party Campaigning to save our Hospital to secure votes, when it clearly would be doing exactly the same if in Goverment as the Conservatives by closing our Hospital.


Saturday 26th January 12 noon Assemble by the Station/Police Station same as last March.

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