Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Lewisham Hospital. Labour Party must come clean with voters

With  the Labour Party seeking to win votes with the clear anger from Lewisham residents at the proposals to Close Lewisham Hospital, it must come clean and state publicly that the PFI contracts it pushed ahead with in Goverment, and which has lead to the South East london area health trust going bust must be banned and the Labour party locally should put forward a motion to the Labour Party leadership calling on Labour to throw out the Closure plans if they win in 2015.
At present the Labour party is keeping quiet about its roll in the Hospital Closure and has done as much as it can to cover its tracks on the PFI scandle, but it cannot keep saying it will save our Hospital, When if we had a Labour Goverment today or in 2015 the Hospital would still close. This is very cheap politcal campaigning and i hope Labour voters can see through this and not vote Labour.
Is it really so hard for the Labour party to be Honest?
Is it really so hard to state that if they were in Goverment , Lewisham Hospital would be safe?
People Before Profit also wish to see PFI contracts scrapped as the Goverment has done with PPI, but as PFI is so much loved by Labour this is not likely, Labour Lewisham has PFI debt of over 1.4 Billion, Yes Lewisham, This sounds like the debt of a third world nation, But good old Labour Lewisham has been able to run up a debt of this scale, because far to many Lewisham Voters, vote Labour without any thought or reason, Many just because that is what they have always done. Result, Closure of Services, Savage cuts, just to pay the debts on PFI.
Sign the online stop PFI petition;
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