Monday, 21 January 2013

EU REFERENDUM , Why we will never be given a true IN and OUT Vote.

What ever percentage of voters back UKIP, or what ever the Conservatives say about a free vote, it will never happen.
We should all be far more aware of the politics of establishment and the fact main stream polical groups will always feed us a diet of what they expect and think we want to hear as sound bites to insure without any real thought or reason, come the election the voters will blindly Vote Conservative, because they think they will get out of the EU, or Labour to stay in.
The Present hype around the Prime Ministers speech is just hot air in the hope the Conservatives can win back the increasing numbers of Concervatives who say they will vote UKIP next time, They clearly will say and do anything to cling on to power come 2015 Elections.
So why am i correct in what i am saying? . Our Membership was agreed long ago and we cannot claim any powers back as claimed by posh Dave, the only we we can change this is to enforce article 50, which gives you the power to  make agreement, but you have to have at this stage come out of the EU, so what the Conservatives are saying is just to please the Conservative right, he himself as stated many times,  he would campaign to stay in, so this is is proberly the only aspect of this reterick that may be true.
Is the EU good for Business? the only real reason we are being given to stay in.
 In 2011 48% of our exports went to the EU, in 2001 it was 54%, clearly its business argument is getting weaker, whilst some commentators state it is free to trade within Europe and that to come out we would see a 2% extra tax, this argument fails to build in the strong pound against the Euro that far out ways the 2% charge nor does their argument mention the £54 Million it costs us each day in Membership.
Out Trade deficit in the 40 years we have been members has never run a trade surplus with the other EU countries.Keeping it simpley,  we import more to the UK than  from Europe than we export, making our position as a member based  on business a losing argument.
Labour is on 40% of the popular vote, we have a nation in which far to many people vote establishment without any thought or reason, the foolish and the stupid continue to keep either Labour or Conservatives in power, yes in Scotland they after 30 years drove out Labour from Power, across the UK, Greens, Respect and others are makeing slow breakthroughs, but Labour will be the larger party and if any Lib Dems are left the next Goverment will be one not unlike the present, although it will not be one calling for an in out vote.. As for UKIP, they are just a distraction, they have no real aim to pull out, they understand it would need an act of Parliment, and they will never win 360 seats to bring this about.
They have no local power and have no one at Westminster unlike Respect and Greens that do. The Establishment keeps the small groups out of the media hoping the anti Establishment voter will stay with UKIP, the real fear is seeing the smaller Groups break through at Westminster taking away there power base, whilst UKIP earn money and power from its Euro MEPs, do you really think they truly wish to end the gravy train?
I hope i have given you good reason to not buy into the EU vote lie, to trust your own judgement, think for yourself and back smaller Political Groups, People before Profit has the best chance in my area, but across the UK, new people groups are forming, We can make a difference, but that will only come about when we all change the way we think and stop voting mainstream.
Brighten has elected a Green MP and a Green Council, Bradford has elected Respect, both were safe Labour seats.Whilst the Conservatives have some fear about UKIP, the reality is that the fear is also their for the Labour party, that has lost seats to the smaller parties, whilst UKIP is only a may ask why UKIP gets so much publicity but smaller groups get none.
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