Friday, 7 December 2012

800 GPs sign up to Save Lewisham Hospital

A staggering 800 GPs have so far signed up to defend Lewisham Hospital from the present ill thought through cuts proposals. As Labour seek to hijack the entire campaign, by marching on Downing street with 40.000 petition, it is worth remembering that most of the problems facing the NHS were caused by the last Labour Goverments Privatiisation agenda and the ill thought out PFI, which People before Profit have launched a nationwide campaign to outlaw and for people to sign the petition, details on earlier blog posting.
The Level of errors being found with this so called consultation the exceptional large numbers of people packing halls and taking to the streets on a level never seen before must force the Goverment to rethink.
At the Public meeting last week i raised the point the Health Minister raised in the House of Commons during the Hospital debate, in which she stated thr Administrators task was sustabability not cuts, in my view he has clearly gone beyound the brief and and proposaing even more PFI solutions to the problem is clearly not sound economics with no less than 11 other Health trusts facing the same problem due to Labours PFI.
John O Donohue, a consultant at Lewisham hospital, was among six doctors who went to Downing street today.
In an interview with the Evening Standard , he condemned the movewhich he said was finanicailly motivated and had not been properly thought through, something i have raised at 2 of the public meetings i have attended.
Lewisham is not bankrupt-its in surplus-but has been dragged into this messby the SLHT adminisdtrators.The consultation process has been as i have repeatedly said is a sham-doctors were invitedto a meetingthen their concernswere ignored. it is like the administrators of Comet deciding to liquidate Currys.
Lewisham A&E has above average performance,it has undergone a recent major refurbishment and provides excerllent care.Patientsas always will, ultimately suffer.
Lewisham is a high  street hospital with severn bus routes, if patients have to go to other A&Es then they will have much longer journeys.
if we lose the A&E then this will have a knock-on impact on maternity which will become midwife-led unit.
Our new birthing centre has high maternal satisfaction and provides high quality care to a community with a high proportion of high risk births,which would be jeopardised if maternity services are lost or downgraded.
The Fact no GP supports these plans will make it even harder to close the unit, as the Prime Minister stated that any proposals must have the support of GPs, we just hope he will not seek to use GPs outside Lewisham in support of cuts and Closure instead of listerning to the Staff of Lewisham Hospital, the Health Workers and the 250.000 Lewisham tTax payers that do not want to see our NHS in any part sold off , closed, cut or privatised. Labour cannot expect to escape the blame for starting the dismanterling of our NHS.
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