Thursday, 13 December 2012

Landlords Refuse on Mass to except new Universal Credit Proposals.RLA Survey Report

Motion Number: S4M-05181
Lodged By: Kevin Stewart
Date Lodged: 11/12/2012
Title: Landlords and Housing Benefit Reform
Motion Text:
That the Parliament notes with concern the announcement from the Residential Landlords Association and the Scottish Association of Landlords rejecting the UK Government’s plans for housing benefit reform and supports the decision of these groups to reject the proposals to cut rent in order to receive direct payments; acknowledges what it sees as their worrying findings suggesting that 91.6% of landlords have said that the proposed welfare reform plans will make them less likely to rent their properties to people claiming benefits, and calls on the UK Government to change its housing benefit policy and commit to paying rents direct to landlords.
If you needed any further proof that Universal Credit and the Cap is going to force thousands of people on to the streets, than this Survey by the very well respected Residential Landlords Association is proof, with almost 100% confirming they will no longer offer homes to people on housing benefit.This House opf Commons Motion will certainly be ignored like every other voice expressing alarm and warnings. The fact this comes from private landlords who the Goverment expects to deal with a very real Housing crises should lead to a rethink, but the Goverment seems to be hell bent on this reform.
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