Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Food Bank Offers of Help needed

Thanks to a further kind offer, we have been given use of a shop by Honor Oak Station as pick up and drop of point for the Lewisham Food Bank.
We also hope to use it to collection signatures for the save our Hospital Campaign.
With Christmas fast approaching, we are also seeking people to help collect food on Deptford High Street and New Cross Gate, by the Sainsbury Entrance , if you have any time to spare, please email me, or call the food bank team direct on 0756 1157 617.

Our New storage drop off Point at Honor Oak Forest Hill will be open from Friday 14 December , if the Office is Closed when you arrive the estate Agent next door will take in Food Donations.
With numbers increasing daily we are fast running out of space, so are grateful for the donation of this extra space to help us organise food Delivery to the whole of Lewisham Borough.

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