Friday, 21 December 2012

Lewisham Police Service 112 officers taken away through cuts.

Lewisham has lost 112 Officers over the past 2 years, this breaks down as 64 Police constables and 48 community support officers.
Only last week New Cross ward community support officers were voted the best in the UK, in an area with a very diverse community and tough issues and yet Lewisham seems to be losing more offices than any other part of London only Lambeth and Southwark have lost more.
The Goverment will almost certainly live to regret this, with huge break down between the Goverment and the Police, and with savage cuts and closure to follow which will certainly lead to civil unrest,  the importance of the police can never be underestimated.
Yes we have some bad apples, but in general we have a decent police force .
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