Wednesday, 5 December 2012

London Cheapest Flats to Buy

Whilst house prices go way beyound the price most working people can afford.
 Housemartins has 2 great flats for sale at just £140.000. One is on the Old Kent road, so within walking distance of the west end, has 2 huge bedrooms, a large terrace with wonderful city views and a huge reception with seperate kitchen.the downside is that it could do with some refurbishment and is 10th Floor of refurbished Council block with a porter.
Whant to be at ground level?
 A second flat for sale is in Marvels Lane, Bromley and Lewisham Borders, again it is a large 2 double bedroom 1930 house split in to 2 flats with its own Garden again at £140.000 it is a great buy.
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