Monday, 3 December 2012

James Holland Local Hero and all round good Guy please stop the negative comments

New Cross is lucky, it has a small team of people who give time, money and energy in seeking to bring about a better place to live, holding the council to account and at every level from planning to regenration to insure all  residents get a fair deal.
Sadly far to many people spend far to much time attacking the very people that seek at every level to improve the lives of others and the areas in which we call home.
 It seems that instead of putting energy into making things happen, getting on the streets to get things done, people chose to attack in order to cover there own lack of action.
James Holland has given none stop to New Cross, he has always put New Cross before anything else, and when one idea fails he gets up and starts afresh, whilst not being active in party politics he works with dedication with all groups for the common good.
New Cross Assembly is one of the resent areas of attack, and yet the focus should be about why local Community groups have to fight each other to secure the smallest level of funding
 Why should local projects have to  fight  each other for money instead of working together to secure long term funding?
 The Mayors fund has nothing to do with the Mayor, it is local tax payers money.
 Labour is happy to spend millions on consultant fees and lining labour party members pockets saying it has no  money, when clearly it has the money, it just mismanages it on an epic scale and expects local people to keep them in office because thats what local people have always done, not thought and just voted Labour  reguardless of how bad a job they do at running the Council.
It seems James has lost his job for being upset and open and expressing a view that some have used to kick him in the teeth.
New Cross without the amazing energy he puts into seeking to create a better place to call home would be much worse off without his work.
When you put as much effort and work as he does then you can attack, but sitting at home or just attending the odd meeting to talk the talk without doing anything else, what right do you have to stick in the boot?
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