Thursday, 6 December 2012

Lewisham Council Questions on Impact of Universal Credit on Residents

Question 1/

Can the Council please state what it will be doing to inform Claimants that from April the 1st, Universal Credit will replace most benefits? .

(Presently we are increasingly alarmed at how view residents in Lewisham are aware of its arrival and how it will affect them.)

Question 2/

All Universal Credit applications must be done on line, with restrictions in library’s as to use and cuts to advice centres, can the Council state what it will be doing to help the huge numbers of Local residents without Computer access to make claims, and what extra help will be laid on to help people submit claims.

Question 3/
 Can the Council state what emergency procedures are in place Should the Universal Credit Computer system fail and thousands of local residents are left with no money?.

Question 4/

Can the Council confirm that tenants will not receive poor credit ratings due to late rent payments caused by the changeover.

Question 5/

Has the Council given any thought as to how Local residents will need help once Universal Credit is introduced with payments made at the end of a 4 week period and the obvious cash flow and food issues this will cause.?

Ray Woolford For Lewisham People Before Profit

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