Thursday, 20 December 2012

Lewisham Hospital January 2013 Action plan and events

Dear Members and supporters of People Before Profit,

Our next Lewisham meeting will be on 7th January at The Broca, but we will be busy before then working for an even greater success at our next demonstration to prevent the privatisation of the NHS and closure of Lewisham A & E.

Please write back to me telling me which station you live closest to and whether you can leaflet in the morning when people are going to work. Also please let me know which primary school you live closest to, and whether you are free to leaflet in the morning (around 8.45) or in the afternoon (around 3-3.40pm). Can you leaflet a church near you? These activities will be from January 5th onwards with the demonstration on January 26th in Lewisham.

We need everyone to play a part in publicising this demonstration, throughout Lewisham, Bromley, Bexley and Greenwich. If you can cover somewhere near where you live it frees other people who are able to go further afield to support the campaigners in the other boroughs.

If you can't get out then I also have some important work that can be done from home with a computer. Please contact me to offer this kind of help.

Doing nothing more than signing a petition ( and going on a demonstration is not enough to stop this planned closure and privatisation - we must all be more active if we want to win.

If any of you are in Central London tomorrow (Thursday) you might like to join Barnet's equivalent of People Before Profit at the headquarters of Capita - renowned for their privatisation of public services. See attached email for details.

Enjoy the solstice, Christmas and New Year and enter 2013 with renewed vigour to make Lewisham a better place!!

NEWS ALERT ; The London Assembly has joing the ever increasing numbers expressing concern at plans to close lewisham A&E department.
In perticular members have questioned estimates of the time that it will take patients to travil to near by hospitals if the closure plans get the go ahead.
The health abd environment committee said the public consultation on the proposals uses data based on average journey times, not thous undertaken in heavy traffic, a point i raised at one of the so callede consultation meetings.
They also warned about no proper assesment being made to offer a safer service. These comments should put further pressure on Health Minister Jeremy Hunt.
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