Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Lewisham Hospital hundreds pack Calabash Day Centre

So many people turned up for the first evening consultation, if you can call it that, many had to stay outside, whilst even a reporter from the Guardian was unable to gain entry.
It has become increasingly clear, that as more and more people get active in the campaign, and more and more people start reading and looking at the detail of these proposals it becomes increasingly clear this is a mess.
Children and people with mental health issues have been carefully left off the proposals along with the disabled, whilst it seems even the ambulance response times are not correct. When challenged about the times it would take to get from one place to another as stated in the Consultation an Ambulance organiser in the crowed was asked to comment, to the panels anger it seemed the figures had come from the administrators staff and not the ambulance service and none of the times had been checked.
In response to a key Question on impact assesment, it seems again this does not exist and has not as yet taken place odd when you consider they must report by 7 January.
Clearly the Loss of our Hospital Departments is all about money and ideology when an accountant who was in the crowed explained that he had looked at the figures and the only savings they would make was just £6 Million. This figure was confirmed by Matthew Kershaw as correct.
I spoke for People before Profit on PFI, highlighting the poor value for money and the way this is draining and leading to closure of Health Trusts across the UK, so it seemed crazy that part of the new proposals include more PFI funding. Again i pushed on this question that the Health Minister had stated in the House of Commons that Kershaws role, was to look at Sustainability and NOT cuts. He seemed to think that he should report back to the Goverment what he felt, whilst chosing to ignore the PFI issue.
As PFI was supported by Labour in Goverment and the Conservatives it is very hard for People before Profit to challenge nationally as we as yet have no elected Councillors in the UK
If you are reading this i would ask that you sign our Number 10 Petition on PFI on an earlierblog posting or go straight to Lewisham People Before profit website. Whilst We are happy to raise awareness,  the Labour Party are seeking to keep the issue very quiet and even the save the Hospital Group in which People Before Profit play a Major role, has been stopped from raising the PFI profile as it is so damaging to Labour, nor are we able within the Group to remind residents that Kershaw and his Group was set up under the Last Labour Goverment. whilst it is easy for Labour to hijack the Hospital Campaign as our elected politicians the public are not stupid and remember the Labour Party record in office, if Labour fail to save our Hospital, they will have a very tough time at election time explaining why they deserve our votes .
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