Friday, 8 February 2013

Boris Johnson Question time at Catford 7 March.

Boris given a very clear message about the importance of Lewisham Hospital in the hearts of Lewisham residents.
A packed crowed, challenged him consistantly on his view that 100 lives would be saved by closing the A&E department and maternity, clearly the information and data  both he and the Goverment are using is flawed, the point was also clearly made, that so far this year ambulance call outs have increased by15%, whilst doctor after doctor stated the facts, facts that Boris refuses to except, and at one point after being called a coward, just went into a strop.
The High profile of the campaign insured wide coverage on TV and radio as well as Todays national press.
Whilst most people present were there to support the hospital and justly so.
I realised i would only get one chance of a question, so put my hand up for economy questions, i was chosen to speak as Lewisham People before Profit and the Lewisham Food Bank.
I raised the issue of a financial crises, yes i said there is, but for the elderly, the low paid, working families and the poor, i stated we spend $27 billion on Housing benefit, money going direct to private landlords, when this money should be used to build more council homes and to generate jobs.
I was able to point out the Nationwide who have 34% of the money loaned to Landlords who rent to the social sector, has come out of the market, putting further strain on homes for the low paid.
I was able to state that we should not be looking at tax cuts, but looking to pay the low paid a decent wage, so they would not need welfare and would pay tax as many of the companies they work for, pay no uk tax.
Clearly this Goverment and Labour are happy to give out hard earned cash to Private Landlords. On my PFI question the Conservative Andrew Boff, who i have met a number of times, and as Conservative supporters go, he is a decent guy, Responded reminding the packed crowed that PFI was the result of Labour policy over the past 13 Years of the Labour Goverment, and concerned residents should be asking questions on PFI to Labour, even Boris Johnson supported my points on PFI and Housing, but do not hold your breath, these things are what they have to do, getting things done is very different, and it was quiet shocking the total lack of respect Boris has from the GLA members and clearly he  is out of his comfort zone.
In conclusion, great night to keep our Hospital in the spotlight, a proud night to be a Lewisham resident to see people turned away due to lack of space. Lets hope this leads to real Political change we still need to remember that we are fighting privatisation and cuts at every level, not just in the NHS and we need to support our Firefighters,, Probation officers and public sector staff at every level.. let us hope  People Before Profit Councillors elected are  in 2014. Lewisham is getting angry, very angry.
George from People Before Profit looked great as a Boris look alike in a blond wig walking up and down the crowed with posters in Latin and Greek saying People Before Profit.. Yes we may be plebs, but we can do classics 2.

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