Friday, 8 February 2013

Ray Woolford Tweeter Account New Cross /People before Profit /Save our Hospital

A full week in which due to pressure of social media, i have given in, and joined Linkedine, Something i have long said i would not join, however i do think it works well for research.
 I have such an amazing number of talented people in my life across the globe, that hopefully i will be-able to use this as a way of working out People Before Profit ideas and plans, with people across the globe using the site to help put forward  the radicle plans and election manifesto for 2014 local elections, it is also a way of key leaders across the world being updated on what is going on at greassroots level when main stream is out of step with real people and real campaigns, as well as linking people across the globe looking for a real political alternative and a way to form local groups across the globe.
Urban Planning will be key for this, with so many major developments going on in Lewisham, being able to secure real data instantly from Linkedine will help win far more campaigns in the future, whilst truly changing and making policy at so many levels.
So after this excitement i have joined Twitter, i hope you will  follow me at @Raywoolford.
I promise i will ...not  bore you, may get you angry, make you laugh , inspire you, keep you informed of events before they become mainstream. help you challenge what you are told and engage you in ways you did not think possible.keep it cutting edge, keep it human with my tales of Digby my wonder Dog the food Bank, People before Profit campaigns, Planning changes, the Local Hospital updates  and my work as housing advisor at the heart of Goverment and within Local Councils many of which consult me on housing policy ideas and problem solving..
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