Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Council to sell Homes for just £1.

Liverpool to sell empty homes for £1

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Published by WARREN LEWIS

Liverpool is set to sell 179 properties for as little as £1 – and local landlords could benefit
Plans to drive up housing standards have been proposed by Liverpool council to bring the homes back into use in the Kensington, Granby and Picton areas of the city; with up to 20 of the properties being sold to local people for £1. In return, the new owners would be expected to renovate the properties, and live in them for five years.

The proposals also include the sale of small groups of properties to private landlords. Bidding landlords will be required to join Liverpool’s landlord accreditation scheme, and commit to refurbishing the properties to decent homes standard.

Liverpool City Council’s Cabinet Member for Housing, Councillor Ann O’Byrne, said: 

“We think that these plans provide a really good foundation for the future of housing in Granby, Kensington and Picton.

Ultimately, it’s about driving forward housing renewal, investing in the future of our communities and doing everything we can to provide good quality, affordable housing for the people who need it most.

We have been working closely with the local community over the best way forward for these areas, and I hope that these new proposals will give them certainty that the housing renewal they have waited for, for so long, remains a priority for us.”

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