Monday, 11 February 2013

Justice & Security Bill a Scandle in the making for Goverments to keep bad practise secret

Whilst the Nation has been distracted by the  Horse meat scandle and yet another scam to get rich quick , the Goverment has been pushing through an alarming new bill called The Justice & Security Bill this bill should be a wake up call to us all, as if this becomes law we as voters will find that much of the Goverment gets up to or errors it makes will go unreported.
The Labour Party are party to this cover up, fearful that both Blair and Jack Straw could face long prison sentence for there role in the Libyan Scandle in which the last Labour Goverment allowed exiles to be kidnapped and to face prison, torture or death in Libya  in exchange for business deals under Gaddafi.
David Davis the Concervative former party Leadership contender is leading the attack and raising the Point that both the Hillsborough Inquiry and the exposer of how our troops around the worls have been sent with equipment not up to the job, whould never be in the public domain, the Iraq weapons issues again would be kept covered up,
under the resuscitated Bill, matters involving State security will usually be heard at secret ...closed material procedure..hearings. They will be attended only by security-vetted special advocates. Those involved in cases against official bodies will be permanently unable to know about the evidence deployed against them.
The new revised draft, the product of the final session of the Bills committee stage, was forced through by a majority of one. The Ulster Democratic Unionist Ian Paisley Jnr cast the critical vote.
This vote was taking place at the same time of the vote on same-sex marrage, which was why all this went virtually unnoticed.
The consequences are draconian. The Goverments actions, promted by intense lobbying from MI5 & MI6 security cheifs, mean there is now less than 3 weeks to stop the enactment of a ruthless measure that amounts to a charter for cover-ups.
Amendments proposed by the House of Lordsw are also expected to be alarmingly dropped from the bill.
Concervative Andrew Tyrie another MP bringing  attention to what is planned, has campaigned for years against torture and rendition which clearly the last Labour Goverment was party to.
Not only must all of the Lords amendments remain in the Bill, they need to be underpinned by further improvements.
Lobby your MP, you can get the name by googerling your local MP.
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