Thursday, 21 February 2013

By-Election Evelyn Ward Deptford result 2013

A very poor result for modern politics, at a time when people need to be standing together and fighting to protect services, our community and our way of life, more than 80% of voters chose to ignore the crises we are in and refuse to vote.
Labour secured 54% of the few that bothered to vote, across London the Labour party has been doing extremly well with swings of 40% and yet thanks to the work of Barbara Raymond and the People before Profit team that work this ward helping local people day and night 7 days a week the Labour surge was held at bay in one of the safest Labour seats in the UK. Barbara secured a stunning 23% of the vote and secured more votes than Tory, Ukip, Lib Dems combined. The best Community vote in 2 years in the UK.
Clearly politics is changing, and People before Propfit is the Future, not the Labour party, when they win in 2015 as we all expect they will, the level of cuts and the failure to deliver at the most basic level will see People Before Profit over take the Labour vote. It is still amazing that huge numbers of People still think Labour is great for the work it is doing on Save Lewisham Hospital. All opposition groups have failed to get across to Labour Voters the role of PFI and the mess in the NHS caused by the last Labour Goverment, When they win in 2015, the Hospital will still close, Labour is refusing  to state publicly that if they win , they will save it., so it will take a Labour Goverment for Labour voters to wake up and realise new Labour are the new Conservatives, Labour will not scrap the bedroom tax or Universal Credit it is totally depending on the foolish and the unthinking to put it back into power. at the most basic level in Deptford we have the new thames sewage tunnel, that Labour has failed to stop, the New Chemical waste plant that people before profit have lead the opposition to, and a huge hike in rents and Council tax for the very poor and yet Labour Voters hit by these charges and cuts still like Turkeys voting for Christmas blindly voted Labour. Southwark Labour Council has frozen rents and Council tax, so clearly Labour had an alternative.
In 2014 We have the London Local, elections, what ever your view about the Lib Dems we need opposition, after last nights vote Lib Dems who worked the ward, had teams calling on voters and put out flyers face oblivion after May 2014. People Before Profit should secure seats for the first time, but what seats are won will seem  tiny to the fast number of Labour councillors that will be elected .
People before Profit are here for the long term, we see the Future under Labour and Tory and will stand firm for People Community and Environment, i hope you care as much  to join us, where ever you are across the world, as this blog has followers in 27 Countries across the globe.
Full Result was Labour Hold; 978
People before Profit 404 (  23%)
Liberial Democrats 139
Ukip and Concervative joint last on 119 Votes each.
Apathy Party the big winner with 80%

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See my more resent posting concerning the elected Labour Councillor who was not honest and up front with Voters , the scandle has been in the local press, and it is only a matter of time before a further By election is called., if just 50% of the people who promised to vote people Before Profit had voted this time, Barbara ould have been our first Councillor...With more votes than all the other opposition groups together, People before profit is clearly placed to win the New Cross and Deptford seats next time round and insure Community activists with a record of helping the community win, and not more self interested carrer Labour politicians.

Monthly Meetings are held in the ward for local residents to get engaged in Community politics, just email for details of next meeting.
Labour Victor in Evelyn Ward By Election has been de selected by the Labour Party. People Before Profit are expected to win these seats from Labour in Mays local elections.

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