Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Convoy Wharf Public Meetings Feb/March 2013.key points to note before you go.

 Public exhibition to view the latest masterplan proposals for Convoys Wharf. The exhibition will take place over a two day period:

Thursday 28th February (3pm-9pm) at Charlotte Turner School, Benbow Street, Deptford, SE8 3HD


Saturday 2nd March (10am-3pm) at The Albany, Douglas Way, Deptford, SE8 4AG

Please view the attached invitation. We look forward to seeing you at the exhibition. If you have any questions in the meantime please do not hesitate to contact me.
People before profit have already seen these proposals in advance, and would highlight the following concerns.
1/ . Lewisham Council has still not reached agreement with the developer to start training local people to work on site, or to seek out local residents with the skills this massive development will take to build over 13 Years.
People Before profit do not want to see Convoy wharf turned into a camp site of cheap Labour, who by living on site can  claim to be local residents as was the case on Olympic site.
2/ . Transport Access. We have very real concerns as to access to the site in the short term for Lorries etc, the Plan as proposed would see site traffic use Oxstalls road for access, this would cause very real health concerns for local children at Deptford Primary school, as well as parents using this small road for the school run.Dragoon Road should be used with possible siting of a Roundabout were it joins Evelyn street.

3/.  Energy . We have proposed that the site reflects the Green Energy agenda and we are fighting to see the roofs used to generate low cost fuel for all residents in se8 to tackle fuel poverty and as part payback for the huge disruption this will cause local residents for years.
The new proposal will see Selchip used to give local cost energy for the new homes, with no Community benefit.
4/ Green Spaces, The site plan would see the Twinkle park and Pepys become part of the wider space for the development, whilst the green spaces within the new plans would be private with no community access.
No mention is made of opening up the water ways/ River .
5/.  Business plan, the only Business in this plan is a Porter and Tesco Metro, We have called for the commercial units to be used to create new social enterprise or Green Business or even Ship building and restoration as a long term way of generating real quality long term jobs, this idea is again ignored and they propose using Olympia Wharf the listing building on site as a Community space, Our concern with this, that in a climate of cuts, Who would pay to run it?  much better be used to be centre for a new Business hub.
6/.  Affordable Housing, when you look closely at the figures you will note that just 8% can be termed affordable, although the Developer expects to start selling studios from £300.000 and with rents starting at £1300 per month for 1 Bedroom, we should be asking with the Cap, how any resident on the average borough wide wage of just £24.500 could afford to buy  or rent any of these units once built?.
 It is still important we force Lewisham Council to stick to its own planning rules that state site must have 35%, This is clearly a further area that Labour is likely to give up on, and why come the next local elections, People Before Profit will win all the seats in Deptford and New Cross in 2014 Local elections.

7/.  The plans for the new tiny Primary school would proberly only cater for the children living on this site.

8/.  No real thought in these plans have gone into Health impact from major works on site to local residents over the 13 years this site will take to develop.

9/.  No real thought has gone into the impact of 3.600 new homes in line with the other 14 sites in SE8 and SE14 as well as Developments in Southwark and Greenwich on the single road we have... Evelyn street, which is increasingly becoming  deadlocked most days.
 An extra 15.000 Homes in the area should be part of the thought put  into these plans.
 Transport access is clearly poor on Convoy .
 The river clearly needs to be more at the heart of transport and delivery to site,  if this was a much smaller site it would have been rejected due to poor access for a site of this size.

I hope this Gives you some insight before you arrive to view, yes this plan is the best put forward to date, and much thought has gone into reflecting the areas boating history, Sayers Manor and John Evelyn.
People Before profit welcome your thoughts, and will keep you updated via our local campaigner news letters and this Blog.

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