Monday, 11 February 2013

Labour Party Leaders Blair and Straw face jail at Last.

Jack Straw and Tony Blair could face a long prison sentence not as most people would want for their role in the Iraq war, but for the explosive paper work coming out of Libya in which it is coming increasingly clear that the last Labour Goverment was guilty of exchanging anti Gaddafi protestors to face prison, torture and possible dealth in exchange for business deals.
. A case going through the Courts by a member of the new Libyan Goverment proves not just these issues, but that the last Labour Goverment was also guilty of Rendition. In this court case the papers state the British Goverment traded him for business contracts.
A new bIll going through Westminster  called the Justice and Security Bill would insure these goings on would not be made public and it is no surprise that the Labour party is not making a stand on this, only to aware that it has no shortage iof scandles hidden away that they do not want the public to be aware off.
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