Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Lewisham Hospitals GPs plan mass walk out in Support

Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt faces an unprecedented backlash from GPs who have treatened to quit executive roles over his controversial decision to downgrade Lewisham A&E Department.
In what would be the first walkout of its kind, senior GPs could resign over Mr Hunts decision to disregard their views and turn Lewisham Hospital  well regarded casualty department into a tweeked urgent care centre.
Mr Hunts plans has left confusion among Doctors and managers as to which services will be left intact at Lewisham , and the treat of a judicial review over his decision.
Severn GPs on the executive board ofv the local Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) which represents 170 family doctors in the area are now said to be .. considering their position...after claiming their overwhelming opposition to the proposals were ignored by the Minister.
Dr Helen Tattersfield chair-woman of Lewisham CCG , said; theres a view that if we on the CCG board cannot influence something as important as this how can we expect to influence anything? it is a definite option for people, including me, to stand down. Mr Hunt has clearly ignored our position and we have not been listerned to at any stage.
He Would not speak to us, but instead he was hearing from officials from NHS London and the Department of Health who are keen to produce this kind of result across the capital so were determined to make this work.
Any resignations would prove highly embarrassing and potentially problematic for Mr Hunt because CCG are set to take over responsibility for commissioning hospital services from Primary Care Trusts in April.
Whilst Lewisham Council is set to launch legal action, David Hamilton for People Before Profit is working on Legal action as are Save Lewisham Hospital Campaign.
At Save Lewisham Hospital Campaign meetings, Labour are still sitting on the fence and refusing to state that should they win the next General election in 2015 as expected they would reject the Kershaw proposals and save the Hospital, clearly this is not sustainable and Lewisham residents are not stupid, seeking to win votes out of the save the hospital campaign whilst refusing to support it, has seen massive support for People Before Profit, who are set to win loads of Council seats in 2014 at the local Elections, and with the resignation of Deptford MP Joan Ruddock, the Save the Hospital People Before Profit team could win the seat, sending the First People Before Profit MP to Westminster.
Monthly People Before Profit group meetings are seeing such large numbers attend, that they are finding it increasingly hard to find venues that can hold the numbers joining People Before Profit,

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