Wednesday, 20 February 2013

The Trussell Trust Food Bank founders,Urgent Update June 2013 The people behind it.

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The Trussell Trust describes itself as “a Christian charity that does not affiliate itself with any political party”. It is controlled by Tory Party Councillor and Mayor of Worthing, Neil Atkins and director Chris Mould, who splits his time between the Trussell Trust and the Shaftesbury Partnership.

The Shaftesbury Partnership is a “practice of professionals committed to large scale 21st Century social reform.”

Co-founder was Nat Wei, who was appointed the Government’s Chief Adviser on Big Society in May 2010, now a life peer.

Other people in the Shaftesbury Partnership :

Dominic Llewellyn(Conservative party candidate in 2010 )who co-authored the government’s Big Society policies.

Shaftesbury’s recently departed head of operations Antony Hawkins states that he “developed conservative unemployment and welfare reform policy (“The Work Programme”). Planned the implementation of Conservative welfare policies in the Get Britain Working manifesto”.

The Shaftesbury Partnership’s aim is to “design our solutions so that they are both scalable and have sustainable business models, maximising the potential for social transformation”.

The Trussel Trust, was introduced to dole offices specifically as an alternative to the 'crisis fund' previously run by the state

If the Tories believe that their policies will reduce poverty, why are the instigators and creators of its 'Big Society' policies investing in, and directing food banks?

And not any food banks, but a nationwide network of foodbanks, which charge for the priviledge of being set up and are being used to replace welfare and aid for the poorest

I was shocked to discover this week that this Organisation gets Millions of pounds in tax payers money as well as local council grants to run this service, and yet they have staff working for free and collect food and cash from the public unaware of this  even though we tax payers already pay them millions. Who is getting this money? after all it is public funds? i was further horrified to discover by using a net work of churches, people as part of the service are requested to Pray. We should all be asking questions as  what is going on here is a very real scandle that people seem to refuse to talk about, because they are seen to be helping the poor. every one getting public funds must be  open to public scrutiny more so when its directors are members of the political establishment awarding tax payers cash.

We Care Food Bank and advice centre needs donations to Buy Food and for running costs for our Advice and support centre and Outreach work. We also need a Van and are looking to buy a shop so every penny we get goes to people and pets in Need and not private Landlords. can you Help? £10 a month feeds a family and pet.
Account Name; We Care. Sort Code 08 92 99 Account Number 65659328.
 Thank you. Please re blog these details and tweet widely.


bobchewie said...

Trussell Trust offer jobs mostly sales managers or assistant managers,d.d2k

and they get donations, ie stuff to sell, so apart from fees, setup fees,
then they offer full time jobs, are these jobs paid? or volunteer? is that workfare?
they wouldnt do this for the humanitarian reasons..if venture capitalists involved

so wheres the money going?? apart from running shops and paying wages

major said...

i got a parcel the other day as my ESA money went all one car tax, so no money for two weeks and no i went to the CAB and they gave me a food bank voucher

hardly anything would combine, tinned food that best before date is approaching and some were already off by smell and i threw it away

teabags were such poor quality, piss tastes better, could have done with some oil

lots of instant food too, cup a soups etc - this is not food, its chemical replacements and is not healthy or nutritious

it will be 6 months before i coudl possibly apply again for one, just hope no more nasty government taxes come along, oh wait yeah they took away my council tax benefit and lowered my housing so the hole gets deeper while the trussel trust probably gets richer!

Unknown said...

Tinned food shld be fine until the can rusts away! It may have been cheap stuff if it smelt bad.

Anonymous said...

The shower running Trussell Trust are telling critics that the stuff their volunteers are handing out is "nutritionally balanced".

That couldn't be further from the truth.

The handouts includes no fresh fruit. No fresh vegetables. No fresh milk. No fresh bread. Poor food for poor people.

Trussell Food Banks have come about because the Tories abolished the Social Fund and Crisis Loans.

Instead The Social Fund which provided emergency loans for food AS WELL AS loans for electricity and gas has been replaced by these clowns.

Trussell even have the gall to charge volunteer bodies to become members of their food bank scheme!


Anonymous said...

I think it perfectly reasonable to question what is happening here. Ex bankers Tories and Marketeers running a "charity" which it likes to give lectures on as something which is so successful and shows how to "scale" a social business. Chris Mould hits out at anyone who tries to say that his model should be replaced by a genuine attempt to actually do something about poverty by bringing about real change in terms of policy. This is the 21st century not some 19th Century philanthropy for those who have always suffered when someone hands out charity rather than changing government policy.