Thursday, 10 March 2011

Bellingham By-Election Ian Page No Cuts Candidate set to Win

At last Ian Page is standing in the Bellingham by-election. A Socialist Alternative/Lewisham People before Profit candidate. A candidate we can trust. He could be elected on the 24th March.

Ian Page was possibly the best Councillor Lewisham ever had. For 15 years he worked tirelessly for the residents of Telegraph Hill ward, before tragically losing in last May's local elections. But Telegrah Hill's residents loss, is a great opportunity for the residents of Bellingham.

Ian will not just stand up to Labour cuts in the town hall, he will work hard day after day on behalf of Bellingham Ward. Having been there today, it was clear local people are fed up, let down by a Labour council that will close libraries and children's centres, but are not willing to cut the pay of staff at the top.

Lewisham Labour council spent 6.5million on consultants last year, but will close libraries that cost only £108.000 a year to run. Why don't they cut the consultants fees?

The Lib Dem vote is going down the pan fast...a party that makes promise after promise and then lies in order to win power can not expect the electorate to support it. Look at the Greens in Ireland, they were wiped out in the country's general election for supporting such an unpopular government. The same fate awaits the Lib Dems..

But we must not forget the mess we are in was caused by a Labour government seduced by greed and wealth, which allowed the banks to rob us all blind because they failed to regulate the markets.

Lewisham has the highest youth unemployment in the UK, and this is after 13 years of Labour Goverment and a solidly Labour Council. Hopefully Bellingham, like the rest of Lewisham, will realise that the Labour party gave up on the poor years ago... Roll on more by-elections so we can scare the ruling politicians big time.

Vote for Anti Cuts councillors. If they see the public is set to kick them out big time, we can make them Make cuts to the rich, not the poor.

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