Saturday, 19 March 2011

Cameron Goes To War, But For Who..?

So, yet again another UK prime minister is taking the country to war. The word I have from senior conservative contacts is that Libya got the support of the Arabs in exchange for turning a blind eye to Bahrain and Saudi and other rotten leaderships.

It would seem they think a fair war is one that has our commercial interests at the centre. Less than one year ago, the Labour Party were Libya's best mates, selling crowd-control weapons without as much as a by your leave....

Yes, we need to stop people being killed en-mass by despot dictators around the globe. But if we really cared, we would have stepped in to protect the population of countries like Zimbabwe, where our country has a real connection. Instead we do nothing to protect the population because there is no commercial interest.

How can you win a war when the population is split and the leadership has called a ceasefire? This could last years, may never be won, and will cost us a bucket-load of cash at a time we are told we have no money.

Hundreds of our armed forces have been killed in Labours illegal war, whilst the MOD is seeing massive cuts in arms and man power...our new prime minister, like Blair before him, is set to go to war just to make his mark in History...

.. Who will be the real winners in this?
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