Friday, 25 March 2011

Bellingham By-Election Result

So Labour the Local Party of Cuts has won a stunning victory in Bellingham, 51% of the vote makes alarming reading, on the door step, finding a local resident who said they would be voting Labour was near impossible, it seems the Labour voters,. support the cuts and with shame, blindly go into the polling stations, like Turkeys voting for christmas. The only good result was that the Lib Dems are no longer a power in Lewisham, this is the second local by_election they have had figures around the 300 mark. In Bellingham, they had a very good local candidate, with a solid record of service to Bellingham,In Better years this would have been an Easy Lib Dem Win.. and yet local people voted on mass to elect another yes to cuts voting.... Labour Councillor, who will be happy to close Librarys and Special needs centres, whilst paying out £6.5 million in consultant fees and paying senior Labour party councillors large sums in perks and allowances for being in the Cabinet.Ian Page, again a fantastic Candidate for Lewisham People before profit secured 12.5% of the vote on a clear no cuts agenda.. Lewisham residents need to wake up, whilst they still have services to defend. With the Lib Dems in freefall, they are clearly heading the way of the Irish Greens, who were wiped out in the Countrys General Election for supporting the unpopular Goverment.. This lead to Socialist and People before profit MPs being elected.. lets hope Lewisham follows the Irish Model.
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