Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Bellingham By-Election Vote to close to Call as Ian Page gets message across to win..

Out in Bellingham Ward Lewisham, it is clear the anti cuts message and the years of community service given to Lewisham by Ian Page the Socialist/Lewisham People before profit candidate is paying off if we can get more people helping and getting out more flyers as well as speaking on the doorsteps,we can win here big.. what a boost it would be to the antui cuts movement, please get out and help... , after all does Lewisham need another Labour Councillor to vote for Cuts? they have 50 councillors already, and they all support the national cuts agenda, even though in Lewisham, Labour have wasted and mismanaged public funds and services on an epic scale.. glad to see my letters were published in South London Press, Mercury, 8/16 News paper and more to follow. Vote Labour and you get more cuts, Vote Ian and you get a guy elected who will show that the first big cut we need to make is in Cutting the Labour Councils Cabinet Gravy train and Steve Bullocks excessive pay.. cutting back or stopping the 6.5 million, this is Lewisham Council figures not mine, spend on Consultants would be a great start.. remember this mess was caused by a Labour Goverment full of greed and hunger for wealth and power, which by failing to regulate the financial sector or the banks, caused this mess, how can any one really vote Labour again..they sold out the poor, years ago...
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