Thursday, 17 March 2011

Housing Crises as Shelter reports within 10 years Social Housing will be unaffordable

At a key planning meeting this week, with by other Hat on, my position as a director of the RLA,( i get to meet all the big guns in Housing, and through this able to put forward and make national housing policy)The British Housing Federation, Shelter, Crises, rla,citizens advice bureau. I was shocked to discover that a report just published by Shelter states within 10 years we will have no affordable housing in the uk... The Goverment is seeking to turn the Housing market. like the NHS in to a free for all private market..with rents up, all new social tenants expected to pay increase of 80% rent for example a 1 bedroom flat will rise from £68 per week, to £150 per week plus... they are also putting forward article 4, this gives powers to councils to stop homes being let out to Students and others on HMO. at a time the goverment is saying on one hand, every one under 37 years old must share a room or flat. the other hand is helping Councils get the power to close down HMO homes, when residents object, this could see homes used by Nurses, fireman etc who may live in shared house, who come home at night, being seen as disturbing the other people in the street, giving them the power to close down the this really about being fair?...Housing is such a big issue, and yet politically it is never high up the agenda, i hope i can help at national policy on supporting the roll and the case to build more Council Homes and save what we have, but with Labour supporting the Goverment on this.. we have little chance of doing any thing...What do you think?
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