Monday, 28 March 2011

The Great March for the alternative to the Cuts

And they came in the hundreds of thousands,So many people it was impossible to film, or even see the start or the finish, so fast was the numbers... meeting at Waterloo east. the loyal band of Lewisham people before profit supporters, were joined by hundreds of new faces, at first it seemed we would be just 5, introducing each other i had to give up .. as every 5 minutes yet another train pulled in to Waterloo station with even more Lewisham people before profit people , many for the first time, taking direct action, by taking part in the march..With a huge range of Banners . John Hamilton had spent half the night making banners on poles, light to carry, but blowing in the wind, a colourful sight,with ever more people joining our group. The noise, the singing the sense of friendship was terrific, whilst Digby the dog, wearing a coat, People before profit, was a mini star, hundreds of photos taken, our message being seen across the country..2 nights before we had held our Cuts meeting in New Cross, to find people had arrived from Southall,Tower Hamlets, whilst 2 students had come from Hatfield, whilst a French reporter arrived from France.. it seems Lewisham is leading in ideas and vision the anti cuts agenda, We are looking to build the people before profit group nationwide, and put forward candidates for elections every where we can... It is times like these, you realise how important our group is, only Months ago we were on the streets marching against the Labour Partys Illegal war in Iraq, this time the nation is marching against the Conservatives and Lib Dems.. The political system clearly no longer represents the people.. Labour like our Goverment, is failing our people big time..Seeing a Labour Leader speak at the end of the march,just made me want to throw up.. it was Labour who failed to regulate the financial sector that caused the mess, in Lewisham, it is Labour Councillors voting through cuts to front line services, but protecting own interests and perks..
If Labour is really set to oppose to these cuts, they should urge all Labour Councils to refuse to follow Goverment lines, i am sure under European Law, we could argue, these Cuts are a breach of some european law...
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