Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Deptford Job Centre.. Back as Our Big Society

Local residents Horrah.... have moved in and turned the closed former Deptford Job centre on Deptford high street into a hive of communty action, it was always total madness to close the job centre at a time after 13 years of wasted Labour rule, Lewisham ended up with the largest number of young people without a job in the UK.It seems in Lewisham they no longer care. Deptford high street has been a national scandle the way Labour has allowed 11 betting shops to open, and failed to develop the areas arts and marine History into a key London tourist attraction. Lewisham people before profitput forward a cable car idea at the last elections, to boost jobs in the area, and to see the river given better public access, everyone thought it a bad idea in the Council, but Boris loved our idea and is running with it in Greenwich.. another great ideal lost, because we have a Council full of Labour People with no Vision and no skills, Deptford could be so fantastic, we have the arts, The Music, the fantastic people that give us all this wonderful sense of community, although i must admit, i would like to see more get of the sofa and take a more active roll in our Neighbourhood. At the Deptford Communty Forum, it was shocking the numbers of people present, happy to go to a meeting, but will never write a letter objecting to a planning application, go on a demo, or play any real active roll.
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