Friday, 18 March 2011

Lewisham Unions set to drop funding for the Labour Party

At Lewisham Trades Council meeting this week, Members voted to cease funding the Labour party, for failing to protect local services, and for making such savage cuts to services.George Hill Unite Chairman has writtern to the unions leadership calling on them to fund Councillors,Who vote for and campaign against the cuts.This is a national trend, across the UK, local branches are under huge presure from working members to stop funding the Labour party, and only fund politicians opposed to the cuts...Such as Lewisham People Before Profit, The Socialist Party and others..With a clear alternative to the cuts, the Labour Party clearly has lost the plot, not satisfied in bringing the country to its knees,by failing to regulate the financial sector, in its new love of greed, self interest and filling their own pockets.. it is carrying out Tory Policy with out as much as a by your leave...
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