Thursday, 24 March 2011

Liz Taylor, The Great time we spent together

I have had the most amazing life, and spending time with Liz Taylor some 4 years ago, was unexpected, but great fun..i was taking her from Putney to Claridges Hotel, but having a bad back, she had decided i had the best car to get her to the hotel, her main concern was the fact, newspapers were reporting she had past away, so although ill, she felt she must face the world and prove the media reports wrong, for some 40 minutes, the Great Elizabeth Taylor flirted, gave an insight into a life, that was more than a Hollywood movie, and then out of the blue, decided she wanted to come back to my Home in New Cross for a cup of tea, deciding that i was offering much more fun than Claridges could offer, having writtern to the Evening Standard as part of a campaign to get her a gong, my letter was the letter of the week, the Standard turned it into a news item, and low and behold, she became a Dame, in my loo i have the Andy Warhol picture...whilst i have met a huge number of real A-Z stars, Liz Taylor, was fun, kind, down to earth, able to put any one at ease, amazingly short,Her work with Aids and her real acting talent,. will always live on, we shared the same Birthday, and the same Love of Purple..She is one real Star,The world with out her is a much darker place.
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