Monday, 21 March 2011

Friends Of Deptford High street

With Deptford High street in need of a helping hand, after years of Labour Lewisham Neglect, some readers of my Blog have come up with the idea of a Group;Friends of Deptford High Street, this would not just bring together the large number of Community groups and active residents and traders in the area, but would reach out to former residents, and visitors across the globe, giving us a real email data base to lobby the Council on Planning issues, and to promote all that is great about Deptford, and much more.... In Mays local Elections, Lewisham People before profit put forward the idea, one of many ideas.. to build a cable car linking Convoy Wharf, Deptford High Street, and Canary wharf, Lewisham Council with its total lack of Vision or interest, said it was a terrible idea, but Boris Loved it, as did Greenwich Council, and from 2012 Greenwich residents, Not Deptfords, will be seeing and enjoying the rewards and benifit of Lewisham People Before Profits, Cable car in Action...Only 2 years ago Deptford High Street was voted the best in the UK, but as with all things in Labour Lewisham, the Council missed a trick, and the chance of building on this, together with the Arts, dance, Music and Maritime History, was ignored...Deptford has far greater potential than Borough Market...Should we set up this Group? Does Deptford Need another communty group? Will people who come to the meeting do anything?.
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