Tuesday, 7 June 2011

BBC1 Breakfast TV. Tops a great week for Press coverage

Having been given 24 hours notice to talk on BBC1 Breakfast time TV on Housing Regulation and Law. i set my question and answers in Motion, expecting a 30 second Slot and a token presence with the reporters slanting the news item, the way they see it.at 8.15am Saturday after a mini film on Housing, i am caught of guard and instead of a fast 30 seconds, am told i must speak for 4 Minutes. Then come back for 9.10am for a further spot and debate with the Top Guy at Shelter. Sadly for the BBC, we were both clear and angry about the Goverments plans for Housing as part of the welfare reform bill, which as a director of the RLA, i have regular meetings with top Goverment people and MPs on the planned new Housing proposals. We all hate them. We should be building more Council and affordable homes, and not just expecting to attack private Landlords as villians on one hand, whilst expecting the same people to offer quality affordable homes to workers unable to secure a Council or Housing Association home.
After the BBC coverage, i get loads of emails from people reminded i am still alive and well, and over a bowel of Porridge or a fried Egg on Toast hit the Google search engine for my name. Will be spending the next few weekends catching up with people, even with the internet had lost contact with, or could it be, that a TV apperence a bit of press coverage, gives people after years an excuse to say hello.
Over past Week had Letters in Mercury and the South London Press and the Banbury Guardian. With the BBC, thought that would be it, But with Lewisham People Before profit people doing so much, it was great to see our Demo in Lewisham High street to Defend the NHS from This Goverments plans,in this weeks paper.
following on from the last Labour Goverment, that started all these problems. Barbara Raymond has Today hit the Front page and page 7 of the South London Press, not before time, she has been short listed for a Major award for her Work across New Cross and Deptford. If you feel you never have time to do anything, spend 10 mins with Barbara Raymond, at 70 plus, She is out of the house at sunrise, and rarely to bed before Midnight. Her good deads shame us all, whilst her Energy would exhaust a 5 year old. Barbara is all that is good about Community and shows out the best in people. it was just sad, in Mays elections she was not Elected as a Councillor for New Cross Ward, as a Lewisham People before profit candidate. , she was certainly the best Candidate, and today works harder and does more work for the area than the 9 Labour Councillor that were elected in May.
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