Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Catford Shopping Centre. Lewisham Councils White Elephant

Just as you thought it could not get any worse, The South London press, is reporting that Lewisham Labour Council who bought with local Tax payers money the Catford Shopping centre for £11.5 million pounds.
We are constantly told by Labour that these cuts are due to the Tory/Lib Dem Goverment, but this is clearly a pack of lies. We should all be asking why Lewisham Council thought it was ok, to use public funds to speculate on the commercial property market.
The report also goes on to state the deal, has gone wrong,up to 30 local traders may lose the small business units they presently trade from, whilst the whole deal is losing a small fortune. Labour Lewisham plan to kick out all 30 small traders and let the larger space as a superstore to secure more rent to cover the losses.This whole deal stinks, as Lewisham Council goes on to say they plan to develop the site and knock down Milford Towers Estate to build 1000 new homes..if this is the case, why would a huge Supermarket want to invest in a large store, if the council plans to knock it Down?.What will happen to all the people on Milford Estate?. How many of the new 1000 homes will be given back to replace the Council homes knocked Down?.If Any One in Lewisham out there is Still thinking about re-electing Steve Bullock or Labour in 3 years time...this reason alone should make rethink, and vote Lewisham People before profit Candidates..
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