Thursday, 16 June 2011

New Cross Sainsburys and Lewisham Small Traders

So not content with having the largest Store in New Cross, Sainsbury, the Store that claims to care about community is about to open yet another store on Lewisham Way, its aim to wipe out all Local competition, Close the pubs, by offering cheap booze, and leading to the closure of around 30 local traders, most of which only make a living during student term time, and most earn less than the Min wage. The Next meeting of the NMew Cross Community Council and Lewisdham People before profit meetings will seek to mobilise a campaign around defending small traders, only a week ago, i was in the Mercury and South London Press defending small traders in Catford faced with Eviction, As the Landlord, Lewisham Labour Council, plans to evict 30 small traders and replace them with a superstore who will pay more cash.. So in Lewisham, We should be taking Action against the Labour Party, for forgetting they are Elected to Serve local Residents, not the Financial Sector, and the The Labour party, was once about the Interests of the Poor, no longer, Labour are only interested in Money and Greed and to hell with the Voters.. How many more reasons do Lewisham Residents need not to vote for this shameless lot, The same crowed who campaigned to stop Library Closures, but still in the Council chamber, gave up principle and put career first, by voting through the closeures..
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