Friday, 17 June 2011

Pop up Shops in London Deptford & New Cross

Deptford seems to be leading on the latest concept in retail, Pop up shops, Where local people take over a building and sell what ever they can for a short period of time.. Malpas road has a new pop up eating place, getting great reviews, i hope its success is not the reason the Toads Mouth Cafe and Garden in Brockley has gone up for sale, Whilst 2 of Deptfords most Colourful Charactors Professors Nod and Rod Miller from Albury street have set up a Pop up Gallery, Retro Cloths Store and Book store at Number 5 Albury Street Deptford, Knock on the door at number 9 Albury for viewing, or google Nod Miller. Com..This is a collection that is worth a visit, as a life time of Travil, Glamour, Music and Fashion, will insure this Pop up shop will be a great, but very short term addition to Deptford High street.If you love the 3 bed house, you can buy it for £379.000 freehold from
Not Content with these 2 new up starts in the Area, Logans Chemist on New Cross Road Deptford, is shortly to open as a pop up Tea Room, Book Shop, Furniture store. Art Gallery, picture house, poetry corner.meeting rooms and with Offices for the free use of any Community group to help run campaigns, defend services, or just a place to hold tenants meetings etc,The Tea Room will Sell Organic and Free trade,It will also offer a daily Meal for about £2, this will be cheaper than the Wonderful pie and Mash shops on the high street.. as a daily special to help people on a budget..but then who is not these days, it will also offer Vegan and Glutton free and Vegerterian dishes.. Staff will be wanted, so more part time jobs and will raise money to Fund Groups such as Lewisham People Before Profit, Library Campaigns, New Cross Community Council, and any other group that needs help, but supports the aims of LPB4P.
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