Saturday, 18 June 2011

New Cross Sainsburys and Lewisham Small Traders

Not content to have the largest store in New Cross, Sainsburys, a store that claims to care about the community, is about to open another store on Lewisham Way, just 200 yards from its main store.

It would seem the fact that over 30 small local traders are running businesses in a very difficult market, leads Sainsburys to think this is a great area to expand, and with cheap booze, and discount prices an area that will be easy to close down the Local pubs and wipe out the local small traders, most of which only make a living during the Student term, and most earn less than the minumum wage.

Local Traders, the New Cross Community Council and Lewisham People before Profit are seeking to stop this expansion, 1 giant store is enough.

A public meeting is about to be called to mobilise the local community to protect our local traders..

Next New Cross council meeting is 5th July at Goldsmiths, Room 145, ground floor of the main building.

It was only a week ago I was in the Mercury and South London Press defending small traders in Catford, their Landlord Lewisham Council, wants to kick out 30 long term small local traders and replace them with yet another giant superstore, that will pay them more cash. I have repeatedly reminded followers of my blog, that Labour Lewisham is more right wing than Thatcher...

..They are selling off our land, our buildings, our services and our traders at an alarming pace, and have forgotten that they have been elected to serve the voters, not the financial sector. We may need to set up groups across Lewisham as we are in New Cross and Deptford, to give a voice to our campaigns, on schools, transport, housing, jobs, services and any other concerns local people may have. Our political leaders clearly do not give a toss...

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