Tuesday, 21 June 2011

How to bring down the goverment, but what is the alternative?

Whilst all talk is off a General Strike, a new branding for Labour.. Blue Labour, and the, Did he or did he not stab the Brother in the back, the reality across the UK, is that Labour is seeing a huge swing of support at local council By-Election level, whilst the Lib Dem vote, is crashing through the floor, whilst Smaller Groups such as Lewisham People before profit, and an increasing alliance of Community campaign groups across the uk, seeking to put real choice before the Electors. The People before profit agenda, has seen candidates secure votes as high as 28%, whilst 2 Councillors have been elected in the Midlands, and 2 Members of Parliment in Ireland. So why do i raise the issue of the Goverment failing to live through its full 5 year term?.
The Lib Dem party and its many Councillors are facing almost total wipe out, across the UK , Wales and Scotland, The voters are voting for any one except the Lib Dems, with another set of Elections next May with the London GLA and Mayor Elections, the Lib Dems are set for such a terrible kicking, that they will be forced to Dump Nick Clegg and replace him with another, who will at once call for the Party to pull out of the Goverment. This will see the Goverment fall, and the Lib Dems will seek to gain credit for bringing down the Goverment and in so doing hope to save seats.. an alliance with Labour and the Lib Dem is almost certain, and both sides are on talking terms, ready for that day, next May. As some one who has been active in all the main political Partys, my information is always spot on..
But What If the Goverment Falls..Do we really want a Labour Goverment? After all the reason we are in this financial mess, is after 13 years of a Labour Goverment, with Greed, Self Interest, and a truly stunning failure to regulate the Financial sector. They started Student fees, the crazy PFI and the NHS privatisation policy,Across the Globe, the Real People feel that all our Political Leaders are failing to represent the people. Big Business interest runs with the media, almost all policy and the political agenda. Bringing this Goverment down will not bring about any real change, it will lead to an entire Nation devoid of any true representation. Groups such as Lewisham People before Profit and Others on a platform of Community need before private greed, are what most voters would support, but in the quiet of a voters booth, will hold the nose and Vote Labour..An alternative will only win power and bring about an alternative political agenda, once Labour is again in Power, and the last remaining Labour party members wake up and realise the Labour party is no longer like the people it used to serve, but is all about the Bankers and Hedge fund managers and the mega rich, its leaders aspire to become. only then will we as a Country see that we need and should vote for a clear alternative.
Do you really think that Loaning billions of pounds to Greece to help it Not pay Wages, Or to invest in Jobs, but just loaning it the money to pay back the bankers is a real economic solution?. Our media peddles the lies of the leaders it seeks to promote.We live in a country of fear, not because of the work of the massses, but due to the greed and mismanagement of the few.. Wake up
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