Thursday, 16 June 2011

Cannon Wharf Business Centre Planning Application Update

Lewisham Councils Planning Committee meets on Thursday 23 June at 7.30pm in the Civic Suite Lewisham Town Hall. LPB4P have put forward a clear objection to the hight and raised real concerns about Transport Congestion, Poor air quality and the fact Lewisham Council is not looking at this planning application in the overall picture of the 5 other major developments set to start in Deptford. Lack of Health and Secondry school provision and jobs has been a key level of our concerns, we are also alarmed that Lewisham Council has still failed to answer questions, we
have submitted to the Mayor. We asked what are they Doing with the £4 million cash the Developer is paying Lewisham Council for consent.What are they doing with the money the developer is paying towards Education? and Why is the Council allowing planning permission which will see no more than 20% affordable homes being built? the Councils own development plan, states affordable homes must be 35% plus, This is clearly not happening in Deptford, Oxstalls Site will build no more than 18%, and out and out Scandle.The Public can attend the planning meeting, the only good thing about these plans, at
re that they will unlike any other development in the area, see real local jobs in the area.Something the Council should do more to encourage, as well as building family size homes for the huge numbers of local people living in over croweded flats, with many children packed so tightly into rooms, they have no space to play or do school work..
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